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En 2009 dos músicos de folk estadounidense, Allison Lonsdale (aquí su página web), y Eben Brooks (aquí su web personal), que se consideran a sí mismos músicos frikis y geekys, sacaron a la venta un disco muy particular bajo el título de O R'lyeh? Iä, R'lyeh!. Considerado un CD de música lovecraftiana, y como afirma Brooks en su página web, el EP de tres canciones que el profesor Andreas Witherspoon de la Universidad de Miskatonic llama Unspeakably Funny o indecible divertida, contiene solo tres canciones, que tratan temas lovecraftianos de una forma muy divertida y poco común, y que se titulan Hey There Cthulhu, Bloody (Before It Eats My Face) y Timere. La primera canción usa la música de Hey There Delilah, tema del grupo de rock estadounidense Plain White T´s, aparecido en su disco All That We Needed (2006), y cuya letra completa en inglés podéis leer a continuación:
Hey there Cthulhu, down there in your sunken city / You’re a billion light years distant and the stars look very pretty / From R’lyeh / So close and yet so far away / Iä, Ië / Cthulhu Fhtagn, or is that k-THOO-loo fuh-TINE? / I can never quite remember, ’cause I’m not in my right mind / Since I met you / No one corrupts the way you do / You know it’s true / Oh, it’s what you’ll do to me / Oh, and all humanity / Oh, you’ll rise up from the sea / Oh, kill everyone slowly / Except the ones like me / Hey there Cthulhu, I’ve been studying your gospel / The Necronomicon, it gives me nightmares something awful / Where I see / The death of all reality / It fills me with glee / So when the stars are right, you’ll come and do your worst / But that’s okay because I know you’ll eat the cultists like me first / When you get here / I know that day is drawing near / I have no fear / Oh, it’s what you’ll do to me / Oh, and all humanity / Oh, you’ll right up from the sea / Oh, kill everyone slowly / A billion light years seems so far / Below the sea, beyond the stars / Of these humans’ putrid souls you’ll drink your fill / The fools will all make fun of me / But I’ll just laugh maniacally / ’Cause no one’s ever suffered like they will / Cthulhu, I can promise you / That by the time this cult gets through / The world will never ever be the same / Praise your dark name! / Phn’glui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wagh’nagl fhtagn / Boy, that’s really quite a mouthful, can’t quite cram it in my noggin / Not today / I try to say it anyway / I feel my soul being to fray / Still I away that frabjous day / Cthulhu calay! / Oh, it’s what you’ll do to me / Oh, and all humanity / Oh, you’ll rise up from the sea / Oh, kill everyone but me / Everyone but me.

 Podéis ver y escuchar la canción en este vídeo de Youtube:

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